Big Data

Learn Big Data with the best free online courses and tutorials for beginners and advanced learners aggregated from Udemy, Edx, Skillshare, Coursera, Udacity, Treehouse, YouTube and other MOOCs .

Learning Apache Hadoop EcoSystem- Hive

Learn Apache Hive and Start working with SQL queries which is on Data which is in Hadoop

HDPCD:Spark using Scala

Prepare for Hortonworks HDP Certified Developer - Spark using Scala as programming language

Apache Spark Scala
HDPCD:Spark using Python (pyspark)

Prepare for Hortonworks HDP Certified Developer - Spark using Python as programming language

Python Apache Spark
Apache Spark with Scala - Mastering Big Data!

Learn analyzing big data with Apache Spark and Scala by 12+ hands-on examples

Scala Apache Spark
Hadoop Starter Kit

Hadoop learning made easy and fun. Learn HDFS, MapReduce and introduction to Pig and Hive with FREE cluster access.

Processing Big Data with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight

Learn how to use Hadoop technologies in Microsoft Azure HDInsight to process big data in this five week, hands-on course.

Hadoop Microsoft Azure
Apache Spark with Python - Big Data with PySpark and Spark

Learn Apache Spark and Python by 12+ hands-on examples of analyzing big data with PySpark and Spark

Apache Spark Python