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C# Basics - For Complete Beginners

Learn the basics of C# with a lot of Real-world examples and projects. - Free Course


Featured on: May 26, 2018

  • Understand the fundamentals of C#.
  • By learning C# Basics, you will be able to jump quickly into the intermediate level of this programming language..
  • C# is the most popular programming language used to build applications using Microsoft's .NET framework. In this course, you will learn the powerful object-oriented programming language so closely tied to Microsoft .NET and see why it is such a great platform for creating rich applications. Wassim Ham, who is an embedded software engineer , goes through the fundamentals of the language structure, and gradually lays the groundwork for you to build your own apps. This course is for complete beginners to programming and C#. if you're already an experienced software developer coming from another platform or another programming language, these might move a little bit slow in some parts. But if you're completely new to programming and you're new to C# programming language, then this is a great place to start. Once you master the basics of C#, you will have the knowledge to begin creating your own Desktop or mobile apps. You'll be able to make Windows .NET applications, you can write games with Unity, you can write native mobile applications for iOS/Android/Windows Phone with it. Some things you will learn: Data types Type Conversion Variables Classes Methods Loops Inheritance


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