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Basics of LINQ with C# for Beginners

LINQ with C# for Beginners, Both Query and Method Syntaxes are covered! - Free Course


Featured on: Aug 17, 2018

  • You will understand all LINQ Operations.
  • Basic LINQ Query Syntax.
  • Basic LINQ Method Syntax.
  • Basic LINQ Group Operations.
  • Basic LINQ Join Operations.
  • Set Operations with LINQ Methods.
  • he course is aimed at students that have some coding experience in general and with C# in particular, a little bit of OOP knowledge is required, for some of the lectures. The topics that we are covering are: LINQ Basics with Query and Method syntax – we will start with the most basic operations with query syntax and build towards more complex ones Grouping Operations with Query and Method syntax – grouping allows you to group the items in a collection by a given common key, for example to group a list of people by their age. Joining Operations with Query and Method syntax – joining allows you to join two different collections by a common key, so its similar to grouping, but it just does it on two collections and not on one.


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