Complete Responsive Web Development 2018: 4 courses in 1

Master yourself in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and resonsive web development


Featured on: Jun 13, 2018

  • Will be able to create responsive and user friendly web pages.
  • Will be proficient on HTML5.
  • Will be proficient on CSS3.
  • Will be able to show as expert on HTML5 and CSS3 on their resume.
  • Contents of this tutorial # Mastering HTML5 Introduction to HTML HTML4 vs. HTML5 Making your first HTML page Tools to create HTML files Base HTML Tags Paragraph Tags Break Tags Header Tags Bold and Italic Tags Ordered and unordered Lists Image Tags Difference between Absolute Links and Relative Links Hyperlinking to an external page Hyperlinking to an email address Hyperlinking to a file in your site Playing and Controlling Audio Playing and Controlling Video Mastering CSS3 What is CSS? Why we need it? What's new in CSS3 CSS Selectors, properties and attributes ID Selectors Class Selectors Element Selectors All Selectors Inlinse style sheets External Style sheets The Box model Adding Color Working with fonts Background images Styling ID tags Float and Clear Block and inline elements Positioning Adding the elements Mastering Bootstrap Why Bootstrap? Downloading Bootstrap Adding Bootstrap in your site Creating the navigation Styling images Creating the footer Adding styled buttons Mastering jQuery What is jQuery and what you will learn? Downloading jQuery A first look at jQuery code Selectors and Filters Replacing contents Handling events Hide/Show events Fading Slide Toggle Animate Selectors Filters Advanced Selectors Creating Content Creating Content: Part 2 Inserting content Modifying content Modifying CSS Final thoughts


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