Learn Apache Cassandra Using Datastax In 30 Minutes

Introduce Beginners To Cassandra NoSQL Database By Using Datastax, Here You'll Learn All The Basic Concepts & Commands - Free Course


Featured on: Nov 7, 0020

  • You'll Know Almost All The Basic Commands and Statements Used In Apache Cassandra.
  • You'll Be Able To Take Your Basic Cassandra Knowledge That You've Learnt From This Course To A More Advanced Level.
  • Clear All Your Basics About Apache Cassandra.
  • By the end of this course you'll have a good sense of knowledge about Cassandra CQL and NoSQL databases in general. You'll be familiar with all the basic commands and basic queries and you can start learning more advanced concepts in NoSQL databases. Consider this course as a stepping stone or the first step for you in learning the concept of Big Data.



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