Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant

Go from basic python to creating a virtual assistant for your computer - Free Course


Featured on: Nov 8, 0021

  • Be able to create a virtual assistant.
  • Learn the intermediate structure of popular APIs.
  • Become proficient in intermediate python.
  • In Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant In Python, you will go from beginner to intermediate level the fun way; creating a real-world application! In this course, I will teach you how to create and set up a virtual assistant for your computer. We will learn how to get data from Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha, as well as create a GUI. After that, I will regularly release new videos on other optional things that you could add to our application. This course will help you add something fun to your portfolio and give you good practice for using python. This course is especially good for beginner hobbyists who want to learn how to use various APIs and how to apply them.



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