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Dorie Courter

Student at Thrive Tech University

Learn VB.Net

Learn concepts of VB.Net through coding and become a better programmer

Learn Bootstrap 4 by Example

Skip those boring courses full of slides and learn Bootstrap 4 by doing! - Free Course

Linux Command Line Basics

This is an introductory course to the Linux command Line. It's great for both Linux beginners and advanced Linux users.

Android with Retrofit 2 :Integrating with JSON/RESTful APIs

Develop android client applications to effectively communicate/integrate with JSON/XML Restful APIs using Retrofit - Free Course

Local SEO Course: 10x Your Local Customers

Get More Local Customers Coming To Your Website & Store Every Single Day! Grow Your Business with Local SEO Today! - Free Course

Learn Ansible From Ground Up: The Devops Guide

Learn Application Deployment , Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery Using Ansible

Learn PySide

Master all concepts of PySide and become a better Python programmer

Android for Beginners

Expand your prior knowledge of Java to build basic apps for Android devices! - Free Course

30 Days of Python

Python is simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for the pros. Use it for IOT, Web Scraping, Big Data, and more.

Build Powerful Private Blog Networks for Top SEO Rankings

A walkthrough of the exact processes to build your PBN in a detailed course, complete with resources and templates. - Free Course

Google Analytics Basics For Beginners Free -2018

Google Analytics Setup, Key Concepts and Reporting for Beginners For Free. Make a Difference in your Career / Business - Free Course

Fundamentals of the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

A hands-on guide to begin building and running applications using MarkLogic - Free Course

Advance Android Programming - learning beyond basics

Learn to save preferences using Preferences and saving data to Files in Android, Using ActionBar and more advance topics - Free Course

Learn AngularJS Step By Step

Very easy to learn video series on Angular-JS 1.4.1, Specially for those who are Beginners in this technology. - Free Course

Cisco CCNP GNS3 Labs: Pass your CCNP exams with GNS3!

Are you ready to pass your CCNP exams? Check your knowledge of the 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH & 300-135 TSHOOT Exams! - Free Course

Elixir : Start programming on best concurrent language

Learn how to getting started in one of the best scalable , concurrent programming language, elixir based on BEAM VM. - Free Course

C# Basics - Learn to Code the Right Way

Learn C# basics and programming mindset . The first step to become a better programmer. - Free Course

iPhone App with ObjC & Firebase

A complete iOS app development using XCode, Firebase and Objective-C - Free Course

How to Register a Domain, Set Up Hosting, and Edit Web Pages

Register a domain name, set up web hosting, create pages and add pictures, links, video, WordPress and PayPal to website - Free Course

Create a 3-Tier Application Using Azure Virtual Machines

Follow along as I create virtual machines, load balancers, and SQL Databases in Azure. You can do it as I do it. - Free Course

Installing Symfony2

Learn how to set up easily your Mac, Linux or Windows development environment for Symfony. - Free Course

Containers 101

Building and deploying containerize applications with Kubernetes, Docker and Helm - Free Course

Intro to SceneKit. An easy to use iOS 3D framework.

Learn how to draw and style 3D objects using SceneKit so that you can add 3D UI into your new or existing iOS app. - Free Course

자바 기초 프로그래밍 강좌 (Java Programming Tutorial 2017)

자바(Java)의 기초 프로그래밍 방법 및 활용 방법에 대해서 다루는 프로그래밍 강좌입니다. - Free Course

Learn Mobile Programming By Example With Codename One

A walkthru of real mobile application demos that shows you how you too can build an elaborate mobile app from scratch - Free Course

Basic iOS-Android App Development with Corona SDK

เรียนรู้การสร้าง App Android/iPhone ด้วยเครื่องมือ Corona SDK ตั้งแต่เริ่มต้น - Free Course

Git Going Fast: One Hour Git Crash Course

Learn the key concepts and basic workflow for Git and GitHub with this easy to follow, top rated, bootcamp-style course!

Learn Dart 2.0 in 90 minutes

Become familiar with the basics of Dart 2.0 and start using it today - Free Course

Otimizando com Gulp JS

Nesse curso sobre o Gulp você vai aprender a configurar um ambiente de trabalho todo automatizado pelo Gulp. - Free Course

Curso de Gulp

Quando você erra, você aprende um jeito novo de como não fazer, ou seja, mesmo errando você continua aprendendo. - Free Course

Build a Chatbot with Watson APIs Course

IBM has created an AI platform named Watson that gives businesses and developers access to powerful tools for text and speech analysis, computer vision, and more. Watson APIs consist of a suite of services used to process or analyze data to answer questions and make decisions. This course will show you how to build a chatbot with Node.js and the Conversation and Discovery services from Watson. You'll also learn how to setup your bot on the IBM Cloud platform.

An Introduction to Python Programming

Learn the Fundamentals of Procedural, Object-Oriented, and Functional Programming in Python. - Free Course

Building Nodejs & Mongodb applications from scratch 2018

Learn to build fullstack web applications with the most popular server side framework, NodeJS - Free Course

iOS 11 Swift 4 build a To Do List App, UIKit, CoreData,+more

Learn Widely Used Concepts and Best Practices Used in Modern Day iOS Development to Hone Your Craft and Skill as a Dev

The Complete Font Awesome 5 Course: Beginner's Guide 2018

The easiest way to build modern icon based HTML web designs with the most popular Iconic SVG, Font, & CSS framework - Free Course

Python Programming Bible

Python 3 is one of the most popular programming languages. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple all want Python

Google citations to boost SEO for new local websites

Have a new website or a local business? This course will help boost your search engine marketing, traffic and clients

CS 301: Theory of Computation

Introduction to Automata Theory, Structure of an automaton, classification of automata, grammar and automata for generat - Free Course

SQL Developer: In-Depth Tips and Techniques

Learn to Master SQL Developer with my Tips. Use this Application to make your Coding more Simple. Great Techniques ! - Free Course

Web scraping (without scrapy!) in 60 minutes or less...

Learn to webscrape in this free fast-track course, giving you all the fundamentals other courses miss! - Free Course

The Complete Python and JavaScript Course: Build Projects

Want to learn ES6 development and TensorFlow stock market prediction modeling? Build your first web app in this course! - Free Course

VMware vSphere & Virtualization Video training

you will learn how to implement a complete virtual environment using VMware vSphere with all availability features

How to code a MATLAB/SIMULINK automation from scratch

Learn the programming skills required for developing an automation using MATLAB’s inbuilt scripting environment - Free Course

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