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Web Developer. Code in MEAN stack

Excel VBA Programming - The Complete Guide

Automate your Excel workflow, accelerate your productivity, and master the fundamentals of programming with VBA!

MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide

Master MongoDB database using JavaScript Mongo Shell, Robo 3T (Robomongo) and MongoDB Compass - Free Course

Chart JS, the complete guide. ChartJS missing manual.

The Chart JS missing manual. Master how to use ChartJS and become a data visualizer with ChartJS! - Free Course

SEO Made Simple – A Complete Step By Step SEO Training 2018

Rank Your Website on First Position by SEO and Earn Millions of Dollars Every Month from free traffic of Search Engines - Free Course

Mastering CSS 3.0 Selectors

Empowering your development and design through CSS 3.0 Selectors - Free Course

The Complete Database Design & Modeling Beginners Tutorial

Learn Database Design the easy way. Go from simple to complex with a real life example: online store's DB using MySQL.

Selenium WebDriver: A Step by Step Guide to Test Automation

Master Automation Testing via Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Selenium Testing Framework, Robot framework, Cucumber & Java

Python eCommerce

Launch your business by learning to build your own eCommerce app step-by-step.

Developing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Beginners

Learn how to code your own Ethereum smart contracts from scratch in this 100% free course!

Building a Chat System in AJAX & PHP

Learn to create a nice chat system using PHP OOP and AJAX, within just one hour take your PHP skills to the next level - Free Course

Python A-Z™ : Become MasterClass For Python Easy Jobs

"Never underestimate the power of Python", The only programming language that you should learn at 2018!!

Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter

Learn from experts at Google how to use Flutter to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android devices in record time.

Get started with a Simple Javascript Quiz

Learn projects in JavaScript and JQuery by building a simple quiz. JavaScript is usually the go to language for lot of developers when it comes to programming.

Learn TypeScript Course From Scratch

Learn TypeScript course which allows developers to code with ease & it is a superset of JavaScript. Hence TypeScript is an independent language in industry.

Learn Programming with Python in 100 Steps

Python 3 Tutorial using Hands-on, Step By Step Approach. Learn Programming with 100+ code examples. - Free Course

UE4 Movable Camera System

Learning how to visual code in Unreal Engine 4 by making a Movable Camera System. - Free Course

Python Programming - Build a Reconnaissance Scanner

Come along and learn Python Programming Language by Building a Reconnaissance Scanner - Free Course

Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript

Code out your very own Blockchain and decentralized network in the JavaScript programming language.

VR in the VFX World

Beginner's guide to the terms, types and different use cases of virtual reality (VR) in the visual effects industry. - Free Course

Learn Ruby Testing

Master Complete Ruby Testing and become a good software tester - Free Course

Apache Spark Streaming with Python and PySpark

Add Big Data Streaming to your Data Science and Machine Learning Python Projects - Free Course

Nginx Extreme : High Performance LEMP Stack with Vesta CP

Create High Performance Nginx + MySql + PHP Server with a Complete LEMP Stack and manage it with Vesta CP GUI Interface

Mastering CSS 3.0 Selectors

Empowering your development and design through CSS 3.0 Selectors - Free Course

Django 2 & React: Build a Realtime web app

Learn to build a realtime web app using Django 2, Channels, Redis, Websocket and Reactjs - Free Course

Easy iOS Swift Game: Sliding Puzzle

Learn how to develop a 2D puzzle game using XCode and Swift for iOS devices. - Free Course

Python for smarties in 59 minutes

Learn Python quickly from beginner to advanced without repetition, without chit chat. - Free Course

Robot Framework

Learn selenium automation with Robot Framework from scratch - Free Course

EMMET Faster HTML & CSS workflow - Best Tool For Developers

Emmet is plugin for text editors that helps you write HTML and CSS faster. Work quicker saving time & making more money. - Free Course

Become A Full Stack Web Developer - Beginner To Advanced

In this complete course you will learn step-by-step how to become a full stack web developer from scratch today!

Mobile Development Architecture - Free Course

Native Apps, Web Apps, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid Apps, Web-Native Apps or Cross-Compiled Apps. Learn how to choose - Free Course

Hello! Python Programming: Story 1/4

Beginner, Introduction, Basics, Code, Coding, Data, STEM, IT Engineer, Computer Science, Game, Scratch, Kids, Teens, K12 - Free Course

Big data and Hadoop framework

Big data, data analytics, hadoop, Apache spark, hive, pig, Data Science, Data scientist, MapReduce, Machine learning - Free Course

AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate 2018

Want to pass the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam? Want to become Amazon Web Services Certified? Do this course!

Android Classroom

Best way of learning is, learning in the classroom. Here is detailed android app development course for true learners. - Free Course

C# Language Basics and OOPs - Get your foundation right.

Wonderful blending of Theory and Practicals. Each and every feature is demonstrated with real-time examples.

C# Basics - For Complete Beginners

Learn the basics of C# with a lot of Real-world examples and projects. - Free Course

Network Security Essentials

FREE Network Security introductory course for CCNA Candidates and any IT Professionals from Novodyne - Free Course

Machine Learning: Build a Ml/AI E-Mail Spam Classifier

Complete guide to artificial intelligence and machine learning, prep for deep reinforcement learning - Free Course

React Master Course: Create Your own Native App in React

A crash course in building your first React Native app, Modern React with Redux Master the fundamentals of React v16.3.2 - Free Course

LPIC-1: Linux Administrator Exams 101 & 102 Bundle 2018

Your bundle of tests for the LPIC1 Exams 101-400 and 102-400 (version 4.0) | Pass in the first attempt!

Private (one to one) Chat App with Laravel Vuejs and Pusher

An Advanced One to One Chat App with Laravel as backend, Vuejs as frontend & Pusher Channels for making things Real Time - Free Course

R programming: Practical and Concise

Learn the R programming language, the popular programming language used in Data Science, Statistics and Machine Learnin

Roadmap to get AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Here is the proven approach that will show you how to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate in 30 Days - Free Course

ES6 / EcmaScript Fast Crash Course

Update your Javascript skill set with ES6 also called EcmaScript 6 - The most important fundamentals you need are here - Free Course

Learn to build a responsive landing page with Bootstrap 4

A practical guide for beginners to build a modern one-product landing page with Bootstrap 4 basics - Free Course

JMETER Bootcamp: An overview of Test Plans in JMeter

Testing for HTTP Proxy Server, Performance,  Distributed , Web Service, FTP, Test File Upload and Download, DataBase etc - Free Course

AJAX JSON : Build A Messenger App Hands-on Master Course

Learn how to use JSON and get JSON data using AJAX Course includes practice exercises and examples using JSON & AJAX - Free Course

Microservices Software Architecture: Patterns and Techniques

Learn how to design and implement microservice systems using the right architecture design patterns and techniques - Free Course

A Beginners Guide to Django!

Learn all the basics of Django through a step-by-step process by creating your very own Polls Application for free! - Free Course

PYTHON - A to Z Full Course for Beginners

Learn:- Python 3, Python Programming, Python File Operation, Python Scratech Concepts, Python Advance Concepts real life

Java Programming-Date & Time-basics for beginners

let's learn about Date and Time related things in java in a fast and efficient way - Free Course

Angular 4, Quick Start

This is the course to quick start Angular 4 and Angular 2 in less than an hour - Free Course

Java Programming -Arrays-basics for beginners

let's learn about arrays and arraylists in java in a fast and efficient way - Free Course

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