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SQL 101: Introduction to Database Queries

SQL is the database language that allows you to understand the data behind almost every website and internet company.I've been at a tech company for a couple y...

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Featured on: Nov 19, 2018

In this course, you will :

  • SQL Fundamentals. We will talk about relational databases and what SQL can do with a relational database..
  • Setting Up Our Environments. We will set up our environments so that we can run SQL commands together..
  • Creating Data. You will create your own table and populate it with data..
  • Single Table Queries. We will cover the basics that will allow you to pull any combination of information from a single table, including FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, COUNT, SUM, HAVING, SELECT, and ORDER BY..
  • Joins. We will cover Joins and how they are important for defining relational data between tables..
  • Subqueries. You will convert Joins into equivalent subqueries..
  • 1,956 enrollments

    Free Trial

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